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Coinbase is adding new assets

Coinbase exploring adding new assets to the popular exchange.

Johnny Kmetz, MS Co Founder/ CSTO Biterra Capital Friday, July 13 2018 “We are exploring the addition of several new assets, and will be working with loal banks and regulators to add them in as many jurisdictions as possible.” Coinbase announced today that they’re looking into adding the following assets to the Exchange: – Cardano […]

Facebook Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrencies

  Johnny Kmetz, MS Co Found, Biterra Capital 26 June 2018 A recent shift in positioning by Social Media giant Facebook is generating a ton of buzz and speculation. Back in January, Facebook banned the marketing of all cryptocurrencies and  (ICO’s), ironically reasoning that they were “not operating in good faith”. After months of speculation […]

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SEC rules that BTC and ETH are not securities

  SEC rules that BTC and ETH are not securities, but leave speculation over other Cryptocurrencies. By: Johnny Kmetz, MS CSO and Co Founder Biterra Capital   June 14, 2018   A huge concern of all crypto traders, especially those residing within the United States, is the possibility of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) deciding […]